The moment of truth for wealth management
How has the pandemic impacted wealth in the Asia-Pacific?
18 Jun 2020 | The Asset

ASIA'S relative success in containing Covid-19 means that coming out of it, the region is in a better shape than Europe and North America and is the new epicentre of wealth growth.

That is the view of Arjan de Boer, head of markets, investment and structuring Asia at Indosuez Wealth Management who spoke to The Asset in this podcast.

During this period of the pandemic and other uncertainties, De Boer believes wealth managers are facing their biggest test in preserving the assets of clients. He also shares how the pandemic is magnifying a trend in ESG that is accelerating further. He also recommends investors to remain defensive during this period, and to take a long-term view.

As for Hong Kong, despite the range of challenges facing it, he is confident it will remain one of the main global wealth management centres for the foreseeable future.

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