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Indosat, Mastercard target digital payments
Changing demographics, consumer behaviour in Indonesia boost digital economy
The Asset 25 May 2023

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat) and Mastercard have partnered to develop digital solutions and experiences that will enhance the digital payment landscape in Indonesia and expand financial inclusion across the country.

This collaboration is also designed to help enhance security standards and fortify greater trust among all users across the digital ecosystem to create, the companies says, “a safer and more inclusive digital economy that everyone is confident to participate in and can benefit from”.

Both organisations intend to co-operate on introducing scalable products and solutions incorporating best-in-class safety and cybersecurity capabilities to enable safe, seamless digital experiences that correspond to how consumers and businesses live, work and transact in today's digital age.

The partnership also aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with cutting-edge tools and resources to compete in the post-pandemic digital-first world.

As part of the collaboration, both organisations will explore solutions for consumers that are focused on driving digital payments with cards and account-based payments, increased access to credit, such as through buy now, pay later programmes, enhanced security on their payment methods, and solutions that offer greater consumer engagement and rewards.

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has seen the value of its digital economy grow significantly. In 2025, the value of Indonesia's digital economy is estimated to grow twofold to US$130 billion and will continue to reach US$220 billion to US$360 billion in 2030, according to data from the e-Conomy SEA 2022 report published by Temasek and Bain and Company. In line with this growth, Indonesians’ demographics and consumer behaviour have changed tremendously in the past years.

“Digital upskilling and financial inclusion, especially those in rural areas, are key to unlocking and maximizing the potential of every Indonesian,” says Vikram Sinha, Indosat’s president director and CEO. “This joint effort will allow us to create infinite financial solutions for accelerating the digital economy growth of Indonesia.”

Ari Sarker, Mastercard’s president for Asia-Pacific, adds: “Digitization is a key pillar in the roadmap towards a truly inclusive economy. The digital economy can bring more opportunities to more people, but reaching that potential requires close collaboration.”

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