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Green Finance
In today’s tense and fractured world, forging the shared sense of purpose and marshalling the coordinated action needed to tackle the climate and nature crisis appears almost impossible. And yet, far from building bridges, many – particularly in the Global North – are exacerbating divisions
9 Jun 2023
US$44.2 million funding helps ALBA Tridi Plastics Recycling Indonesia establish PET waste facility
8 Jun 2023
While the International Monetary Fund has made great strides on climate change in a short time, emerging markets and developing economies need resources to invest in resilience more urgently than ever. There are four ways the IMF can help them shift to a low-carbon pathway and finance adaptation measures before it’s too late
3 Jun 2023
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR) on May 31 raised close to US$6 billion in its biggest offering of multi-currency, multi-tranche green bonds. The latest issuances under its green bond programme exceeded the US$5.75 billion equivalent that it raised in January this year – also in multi-currencies and multi-tranches – in what was then described as the largest ESG bond offering in Asia.
2 Jun 2023
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has committed up to US$25 million to Lok Capital Fund IV, a closed-end private equity fund, to support impact-focused investment in India.
9 Jun 2023
Six months ago, the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal reached a historic agreement to provide the financing needed to help developing countries, particularly in Africa, reach the ambitious target of preserving 30% of the world’s land and seas by 2030. Now is the time to hold rich countries’ feet to the fire
8 Jun 2023
The European Union aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and establish itself as a global leader in green industries while maintaining fiscal discipline. But accomplishing these objectives simultaneously is impossible, and the bloc must decide what it is willing to sacrifice
3 Jun 2023
Opportunities in EVs, solar power, heat pumps as energy system transitions to electrified model
30 May 2023
Thailand’s Krungthai Bank and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company (PTTEP), a Thai oil and gas exploration and production company, have partnered to launch the country’s first carbon credit-linked investment programme.
29 May 2023
The Republic of Indonesia (RoI) demonstrated its commitment towards sustainable financing when it priced its inaugural blue bond as part of its fund raising in the Samurai bond market. The sovereign on May 19 priced a four-tranche offering totalling 104.8 billion yen (US$745 million), which included two tranches of blue bonds – 14.7 billion yen for seven years and 6 billion yen for 10 years. The other two tranches are conventional bonds amounting to 46.9 billion yen for three years and 37.2 billion yen for five years.
29 May 2023
Pioneering agreement with Hyphen to develop sub-Saharan Africa’s largest such project
25 May 2023
As tempting as it is to rely on multilateralism to solve a shared global problem like climate change, the world simply does not have the time for such an approach. A far more pragmatic and effective strategy is to focus on the biggest polluters that contribute disproportionately to total greenhouse gas emissions
24 May 2023
Six-year A$100 million (US$66.4 million), facility proceeds target company’s net-zero goals
19 May 2023