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Understanding ESG
In Southeast Asia, access creates jobs, facilitates education, enhances livelihoods, especially for women
8 Jun 2023
Guidance aims to build on emerging frameworks for managed phase-out of coal-fired power plants
6 Jun 2023
In a dangerous diversion, members of the US Congress and the European Parliament have demanded the removal of Sultan Al Jaber as COP28 president-designate. But to have any hope of taking urgent action to address climate change and maintain economic growth, the world must not let political drama impede tangible and practical solutions
4 Jun 2023
Now that the Earth has warmed roughly 1.2 degrees Celsius, “once-in-a-century” heatwaves, forest fires, and floods are becoming more familiar to us. But there is still a massive difference between 1.2 and 1.5 degrees Celsius, and the science shows that it is still possible to end this century at or below that threshold
4 Jun 2023
Since the pandemic, a significant shift in consumer behaviour has been observed in Singapore. Nearly nine in 10 consumers in the city-state now prefer cashless payment methods, including cards, mobile wallets, and mobile banking, that are eco-friendly, a new report finds.
8 Jun 2023
America’s approach to carbon pricing makes use of carrots (subsidies), while Europe’s approach emphasizes sticks (taxes). It is difficult to say which approach is better for the climate, but it is easy to foresee major trade and political frictions resulting from these opposing approaches
8 Jun 2023
Facility to have total designed industrial water treatment capacity of 60,000 m3 per day
6 Jun 2023
Strengthened resilience integral, increased stakeholder alignment, integration recommended
31 May 2023
ESG investors in China need to be more engaged with the companies they invest in because companies tend to use a lack of investor interest as an excuse for not actively pursuing their sustainability targets, according to a new study.
25 May 2023
The materials, innovation and capital needed to limit global warming are not equally distributed around the world. Ensuring that all economies can achieve the transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and meet their climate goals will require scaling up cross-border flows of goods, services, financing and intangibles
18 May 2023
As temperatures rise, the Himalayas are experiencing accelerated glacial melt, with dire consequences for water supplies and ecosystems far and wide. Unfortunately, the current reshuffling of the world order could overlook one of the most critical threats to global stability
12 May 2023
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest so-called “synthesis report” warns that the world must act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or risk catastrophic global warming. But the summary approved by member states reflects political wrangling over key passages and downplays promising, feasible solutions
8 May 2023
The Philippines is lagging behind its Southeast Asian peers when it comes to the adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, experts say, and a key reason could be the lack of a “forcing mechanism” to push listed companies to follow internationally recognized sustainability standards.
3 May 2023